The Last TV Evangelist: Why the Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media

An Insider’s Look At the World of Religious Media…and What’s Coming Next! Religious radio and TV has built massive networks, launched global organizations,and generated billions of dollars in donations. It has allowed Christianity to reach more people in this century alone than the rest of history combined. But that impact has come with a price. Sex and money scandals, political controversies, and the prosperity gospel have taken their toll on the perception of Christians in the culture. Religious Media has Alienated a Generation TV evangelists with fake hair and gold furniture, tasteless programming, and hard core fundraising pitches have reached embarrassing levels, and young people today want nothing to do with it. But a New Revolution is Happening in Religious Media. With more than three decades of experience in both faith-based and secular media, Phil Cooke explores what it will take to reach the next generation, before the entire industry experiences total collapse.