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In today’s media-driven, distracted culture, your message must be amplified to reach a larger audience. Founded by producer and media consultant Phil Cooke in 1991, Cooke Media Group has developed a remarkable team of experts that can help deliver your groundbreaking ideas to the world. Through communication strategies, video, web development and design, social media, book publishing, church media, broadcast television, and movies, our goal is to inspire your followers and audience to act.

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How are you different and why should people care? We take the time to listen and then develop a plan of action to help you reach the largest possible audience to make the greatest impact.


Broadcast & Video Production

We live in the most visually literate culture in history, and now is the time to use short video, broadcast media, and movies to share your message with the world.



Our team has coached, consulted, and taught many of the most successful pastors and leaders of our time.


Our mission is to accelerate yours

Featured Projects

Livestream Production

For decades, our team at Cooke Media Group has trained church media teams to produce more effective online worship services, and during the pandemic, we were busier than ever.

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